About Us

Founded in 2019, Wuhan Tongzhao Chemical Co., Ltd. is an international trading company specializing in chemical sales. It is mainly engaged in the sales of concrete admixtures and their chemical intermediate materials. The purchasing channels of Tongzhao are all over China to ensure that the price, quality, and stability of the product are at the highest level in the market. Tongzhao not only provides a high-performance product to support your technical and operational needs but also offers different personalized solutions for each customer to solve product troubles in a complex environment. Tongzhao controls quality, manages employees with love, wins customers with integrity and service, provides better services to customers, and more suitable products, and pursues steady growth together. If you want to know more about us, just follow us or contact us!

Our Mission

Tongzhao will contribute to the creation of great architecture and strive to bring China’s outstanding construction chemicals to every corner of the world. In the future, Our business will extend to the entire construction chemical industry, especially in green chemical raw materials and green products.